Application Management

With the death of monolithic applications, modern IT departments are often saddled with the maintenance of large application portfolios. Providing efficient support to these applications can be challenging, as they often require both domain expertise and IT knowledge to efficiently support users. Underperforming application support services are often one of the primary sources of end-user frustration.
In order to accommodate the need for professional support services, Narratech has developed a modern application management service based on ITIL principles. The service delivers end-to-end support, provides options for:

  • Incident & problem management

  • Change management

  • Proactive maintenance

By taking responsibility for entire application stacks, Narratech’s application management service is able to provide a holistic service, which captures and analyses emerging issues and proposes solutions for improvement to IT stakeholders. Both customer-facing and backend issues are handled by the same group of competent technicians, which ensures good collaboration and communication. The service provides comprehensive 24/7 coverage for mission critical systems, where down-time can have a significant impact on business performance.

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