About Narratech

Narratech was founded in 2016 by the brothers Clemens and Dines who both grew up on the west coast of Denmark. Narratech is built on a traditional danish values, where modesty, practicality, responsibility and professionalism are key factors of Narratech’s business strategy.

Since the business adventure first started, Narratech has been gradually expanding and gaining greater expertise within our field. Narratech has adapted to the growing internationalization that has happened in the IT sector, and what started as a small local company providing simple IT systems to other small companies, has now developed into a company that provides complete IT infrastructures to major international companies. Narratech has been awarded the BØRSEN GAZELLE prize for being one of the fastest growing companies within Denmark in 2019 and 2021.

Goals, Vision and Mission

In a world where firms struggle with IT systems not being able to work together, it has become Narratech’s strategy to deliver a complete IT solutions all the way from data generation to data visualization.

We believe that functional IT systems should be the strategic path to lasting business alignment. IT systems has become crucial for businesses of all sizes, and the ultimate goal is to optimize IT functions and maximize related benefits in four key aspects:

  • PRODUCTIVITY:  Ensuring that IT fulfills its mission in the most productive way possible.
  • RELEVANCE:  Ensuring that IT services and organizational missions are relevant to technology usage, operational needs and strategic organizational objectives.
  • RESPONSIVENESS:  Ensuring that Organisations are fully responsive to (i.e. aware, communicative and able to act) existing needs and keep up with changes in the business environment.
  • ACCEPTANCE:  Ensuring that IT services, policies and procedures are clearly and fully communicated and consistently enforced in order to realize maximum acceptance from the end-users.

Therefore, Narratech aims to deliver professional services and products for the industrial data sector focusing on:

  • End-to-end manufacturing data support
  • Data and process expertise
  • Strong understanding of IT, engineering, and process
Our Founders