About Narratech

The brothers Dines and Clemens founded Narratech ApS in 2016. Dines and Clemens are both raised on Fanø, a small island in the North Sea. It is from growing up in this modest and down to earth environment that the principles for Narratech were created. In a world where firms struggle with IT systems not being able to work together, it has become Narratech’s strategy to deliver the complete IT solution all the way down from data being generated up to visualization of the data.


The goal is to create professional services and products for the industrial data sector with focus on:

  • End-to-end manufacturing data support
  • Data and process expertise
  • Strong understanding of IT, engineering and processes
It is Narratech’s goal always to provide solid and stable solutions that fits the customers needs.

Board of Directors

Clemens Madsen

Position: CEO
Mobile: +45 92 44 06 08
E-mail: CKM001@narratech.net
Clemens graduated from Aalborg University with a degree in Mediology, and has more than ten years of experience in IT, from such diverse subjects as project management, quality assurance and software development and implementation.

Dines Madsen

Position: CEO

Mobile: +45 92 44 06 07

E-mail: DKM001@narratech.net


Dines is MSc in Engineering, specializing in intelligent information systems, including machine learning and big data algorithms. Dines is fascinated by large amounts of data and what you can gain from analyzing them.


Toke H. Kristensen

Position: Technician
Email: thk001@narratech.net

Helle L. Hansen

Position: Application Supporter
Email: hlh001@narratech.net

Jacob Kusk

Position: Developer
Email: jsk001@narratech.net

Mike Zabell Jensen

Position: Application Supporter
Email: mzj001@narratech.net

Mikkel Kang-Rasmussen

Position: Developer
Email: mak001@narratech.net

Frank Pedersen

Position: Application Supporter
Email: fbe01@narratech.net

Casper Rødgaard

Position: Developer
Email: cra001@narratech.net

Christian Ib Dronninglund Sørensen

Position: Developer
Email: cds001@narratech.net


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