Data is for everyone

Are you about to tap into the almost endless potential for optimization of your business through working with data?
Please read on and explore how NarraTech can assist you on this adventure.

NarraTech Business Room

The Narratech Business Room is an environment where you can come and test, validate and mature your business ideas. For this process Narratech has introduced a Rapid Development Methodology involving you as well as Narratech Innovative Experts.

The methodology handles the process from challenging the initial idea and the whole way up until concrete data simulators are conducted. The overall idea with Narratech Business Room and Narratech Rapid Development Methodology is to within a very short span of time being able to develop and test an idea as well as maturing it.


Narratech products almost all come from Data Analysis. It is through Narratech’s data experts wast understanding of how data is gathered, optimized and relentless effort in applying these knowledges into products that gives an optimization in production as well as an advantage on the business side. Below are some examples on Narratech products.

Intelligent Alerts

Notifications generated by advanced algorithms enables our customers to quickly detect and mitigate failure states. Our monitoring solutions can encompass dozens to several hundred data points per monitoring agent, and effortly scales with the customer’s needs.

Intelligent Predictions

Prediction of future failure states allow our customers to mitigate or entirely prevent damage and losses. NarraTech can, using machine learning algorithm and data expertise, estimate risks of malfunctions before they happen day and night.

Dashboards & Reports

Customer gains insight, not only from alerts and predictions, but also by being able to visualise data extracted from customer’s facilities and systems. NarraTech provides a comprehensive set of dashboards, which gives customers the tools required in order to quickly understand complex issues.

Services and support

Narratech provides a wide portfolio of run and maintenance services.
We have through the years build up a deep understanding of running:

  • Process historians
  • Front-end and back-end applications
  • Interfacing

Support is offered through the Narratech support framework or on ad-hoc basis for individually problems. Furthermore Narratech has a 24-7 support call center for mission critical systems. It is important to have monitoring as well as a support strategy in place before errors occur. Errors on systems can have serious impact on the business – Batch data and reports can be misleading, customers can be missing data and the business can take decisions on a wrong basis.
Narratech has great experience with running simple or mission critical applications and databases, where we offer both reactive and proactive support.

  • Reactive support: Narratech reacts on the customers initiative and starts debugging
  • Proactive support: Narratech monitors the customers infrastructure and starts debugging, often before the customers themselves spots the problem

We offer flexible monitoring strategies and support agreements that are tailored to the customers’ requirements. Narratech can integrate with the customers already existing monitoring and can offer stand-alone-solutions should the customers not already have monitoring.

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